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Encomium As Odiolowo-ojuwoye LCDA Sells Food Items At Subsidized Rates




Kehinde Adeleye


Following yesterday’s sales of food products that the administration of Mr. Rasaq Olusola Ajala subsidised in Odiolowo-Ojuwoye LCDA, encomium has continued to pour in.



The LCDA’s premises hosted the programme, where a huge number of people bought various food goods at a fifty percent discount, including rice, *garri*, bread, pepper, tomatoes, and onions. As early as 6:00 am, people began pouring into the LCDA at Town Planning Ilupeju.


In order to prevent manipulation, the lengthy queue of individuals began collecting their purchasing cards at 8:00 AM, and the Chairman, Mr. Ajala, and his Vice, Mr. Seyi Jakande, physically oversaw the process.




Speaking to the crowd earlier, Mr. Ajala said that the programme was made possible by the backing given to the local government by the pro-local government administrations of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwoou, the governor of Lagos State.



“This program is made possible by the support given to the Local Government by the government of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the Federal and the concurrence of our amiable Governor Mr. Babajide Olusola Sanwoou who is a supporter of Local Government financial Autonomy



“I am using this opportunity to appeal to other Governors in the country that if truly we want to address the security challenges we are facing in our country adequate funding must be given to the Local Government for them to perform their Constitutional roles.”


He pointed out that the head of the local government will have a deeper understanding of the needs and goals of the people living there, as well as the ability to identify potential security risks early on and prevent them from getting worse. In order to keep the programme itch-free, he urged everyone to maintain order.



“I want to appeal to all of you to be orderly as we have more than enough items to be sold to everyone here present


He used the opportunity to announce another program coming up on Thursday June 12 2024 at the same venue (Annual Ileya Subsidized Ram Sales).


He however said that the program is mainly for the residents of the LCDA only.



Addressing the Journalists at the end of the program Hon. Ajala stated that the program was designed for the people in the lower ladder of the society to feel the impact of the government.


“We believe that democracy is about the people we must therefore ensure that all our policies, program and projects resonate with their need



“We were born and raised in this community and we know their needs, “he said.


He noted that all the programs of his government are geared towards the political promises made when he was seeking people’s votes.


“When we were traversing the nooks and crannies of our community seeking for their votes, we did promised them that they should be rest assured that with me at the driver’s seat and the support of my team, we would ensure that the we meet the people’s expectations in fulfillment of our electoral promises and adherence of the covenant we had with them, “he said.



He stated that his government has done pretty well in fulfilling its electoral promises and the food program is one of the many interventions.


“We have done well in road constructions, Education, health, Capacity building and Sports



“We are not where we ought to be but governance is continuous and I believe we have done our best by raising the bar of governance in the past years we have been at the helms of affairs,” he said.


He advised the people of the country to be patient with the present government as he believed things will be fine.


“We must all be patriotic and believe in our leaders



“For some of us that were around when Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu was the Governor of Lagos State, the same outcry we are having today was the same in his first two years tenure


“This is so because some people did not know that the man was building a sustainable template for Lagos State then



“If Lagos State is working today, it is as a result of a sustainable template put in place by Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu and I am sure he is presently doing the same at the Federal Level


“The students loan he has just introduced is one of the practices in the advanced countries of the world where tertiary education are not for the children of the riches alone


“The Credit facility program is in the pipeline where people would be able to access loans as is obtainable in other advanced countries,” he concluded.



Some of the beneficiaries poured encomium on the program.


Mrs Taiwo Jibril from Idera street commended the program because what she bought is very cheap to what is obtainable in the market



“For example bread that is sold for N1300.00 is sold for N500.00, Gari is sold for N4500.00 in the market and I bought it for N2000.00 here, the rice of one plastic bucket of paint that is sold for N3500.00 (4 derica) here goes for N1200.0