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Ejigbo High Sch alumni spend N280,000 to fix water, toilet for alma mater


By Olushola Okewole

 The 2000 set of the Ejigbo High School under the umbrella of EHS 2000 set has fixed the water system and repaired the toilets for the school as a way of giving back to the alma mater.


While handling the projects to the school management, the president of the association, Mr. Olasunkanmi Sodiya said the projects were born out of sympathy for the students and teachers of the school who lacked good water system and modern toilet facilities.



According to him, the members of the association contributed to the actualization of the projects which were promised the school during one of their visits to the school.


He noted that the projects cost about N280,000 which was sourced within the association to cater for the immediate need of the school community.


“During our visit, we discovered that there was no functional water system in the school, all the toilets were not in good order. The students made their requests from us and we thought that the water system and the toilets were the immediate needs of the school out of all the requests. That is why we quickly gathered resources to fix the water and the toilets first. We are still coming back to do more for the school because this is where we were molded to be what we are today.”



Sodiya therefore charged the students and the teachers to make proper use of the facilities while asking the students to face their studies so that they too could pass out in flying colour and and always think of giving back to their school.


While receiving the projects, the school Principal, Mrs. Stella Bassey appreciated the old students for the gesture, saying the school would be expecting more from them.


Bassey, who noted that many other sets of the old students had come with promises which were never fulfilled, said the 2000 set of the alumni has set pace and good example which every other sets should emulate.



“This is surprise to us as many others have been coming here to promise us one thing or the other but would not come back to fulfill their promises. We really appreciate this gesture and I pray God Almighty to enrich you more to come back and do more for us.”


She however charged the members of the 2000 set to always visit the school to give moral talks to the students, noting that most students are not as serious with their academies as former students, saying their moral talks once in a while would go a long way to encourage the students.