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Education: Expert blames parents for students’ poor performances


Education: Expert blames parents for students’ poor performances

By Damilola Kushimo

An Education Consultant, Comrade AbdulGaniyu Salaudeen, has blamed parents for their unimpressive academic performances especially in Isolo Local Council Development Area (LCDA) as he established that the rating is between 40 to 50% on the scale of 100.

The founder of Alwajud Right Edu-Found Consult, Salaudeen, revealed this in an exclusive chat with Echonews correspondent.

He stressed that parents and all stakeholders in the educational sector have great role to play if the performances of students are to be improved.

As a teacher who doubles as counsellor in one of the public schools in the locality, Salaudeen revealed that the menace is as a result of parents’ negligence and the strenuous academic activities the student are subjected to. He, however, revealed that this has whet his desire to officially launch his consultancy company in order to further contribute his little quota to the educational sector and make the students treasure education.

In his words, “Looking at the last two years results, students’ performances in Isolo have been fluctuating between 40 per cent and 50 per cent. We are trying our very best to make sure that the percentage increases.

“Obviously it is not impressive, and every stakeholder should be blamed -parents, school, government and even the students themselves.

“We all have contributions to make. I intend to counsel students separately and parents separately. Because, majority of these parents leave their children to themselves they believe the teachers should be solely responsibility for their academic performance. They neglect the duty, they don’t do follow up in the sense that they do not ask their children what they were thought in school, assignment and preparation towards exam. Most of the parents do not have time for their children maybe because of the economic situation. The children will also feel relaxed since no one at home is encouraging them.”

He added that the sector lacks the required manpower.


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