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Constant power supply is impetus to dry cleaning business in Ejigbo, says operator


Constant power supply is impetus to dry cleaning business in Ejigbo, says operator  

By Felix Kuyinu

A dry cleaning business owner, Olamide Longe, has disclosed that epileptic power supply has rendered the business difficult to run especially in Ejigbo and part of its environs.

According to him, despite the fact that the business generates income, entrepreneurs in the sector run at loss most of the time as larger percentage of their profits is expended on fuel on daily basis.

Longe, whose business outfit is situated at Jakande Estate, Oke Afa, Ejigbo, stated that Dry Cleaning business has been face with challenged that could send entrepreneurs out of the business if not prudent enough to maximise the challenges.


According to him, dry cleaning business is a very good business to embark on as it is a service to virtually everyone in the society though, getting the necessary equipment to run the business could be difficult.

Longe, whose motive was to become a successful entrepreneur by making people appear nicely at events or official assignments, said he has been limited in his capacity with the challenges of getting enough capital to begin with.

He listed knowledge of the business as one of the challenges, stating that some who ventured into the business without full grasp of its setup have seen their establishments closed down due to inadequate planning and proper execution.

He added that the meltdown in the economy has also affected the profits made in the business as customers have reduced their patronages.

“The most challenging issue in dry cleaning business is electricity, that’s after one has been able to meet up with the capital.


“It is not a good situation when you work and you use a huge part of the profit on petrol.  In fact, let’s skip the dry cleaning business and talk about other businesses and you’ll be told the same.

“The government should help entrepreneurs with a considerable provision of power supply for business owners to thrive. We all know there is few job opportunities out there. Having embarked on a business, we shouldn’t be spending much on petrol, we should be encouraged.

“Also, some people who were able to get over the raising of the capital but can’t fund the day to day business should be helped with the creation of loans by the government and financial institutions. I’m not talking of dry cleaning business alone, because I also have other businesses too. If the government can assist with loans, business owners would use it to fortify their businesses and be able to live well.”

Longe, a graduate of Business Administration, Olabisi Onabanjo University stated that anyone trying to embark on the dry cleaning business should plan properly before starting.

He emphasized on the need to make research about the business before embarking on it so as to ensure they don’t get stocked on the way.


He also noted that lots of new business owners and young entrepreneurs are money oriented but not entrepreneurship oriented, looking for quick money. According to him, such mindset is not advisable for an entrepreneur. He advised that business owners must be exercise patience and watch as their establishments grow as being engrossed with quick gains could hamper the good potentials of a successful entrepreneurship.