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Community invades IKEDC over power issues


Community invades IKEDC over power issues

By Edith Igbokwe

The residents of Oshodi Community under the unified Isokan Community Development Association (CDA) have again invaded the Ikeja Electricity Distribution Company’s (IKEDC’s) office in Isolo over the company’s insensitivity to their plights despite many complaints.

The residents, led by Isokan CDA Chairman, Mr. Kazeem Fawole, marched into the Okota Undertaking office during the weekend to table their grievances over their prolonged complaints concerning high bills, borrow feeders supply, lack of prepaid meters and epileptic power supply.

The customers claimed that the company has neglected them and has refused to communicate with them despite the fact that they have written series of letters to complain about the issues.


They therefore charged the management of the company to honour their invitation to a dispute resolution forum that would foster peace between the two parties.

In response, the Okota Undertaking Manager, Mr. Taofik Obasanya, pleaded for more patience by the customers, asking them to give him two months to hit the ground running as proposal to absorb Oshodi community into their own originated feeders has been made and that he was expecting approval from the headquarters.

The Oshodi Undertaking Manager, Mr. Adebayo Adesiyan also appealed to the community to exercise patience, assuring them that once the approval was given, they would be evacuated to the nearest feeders of theirs while promising them at least 15 hours power supply daily.

Explaining the power problem, the IKEDC Technical Personnel, Dotun Fabunmi said it is a recurrent issue which the company could not control because the source of the power supply emanated from another distribution company.

He however said the existing capacity of their supply would be checked to make a backward shift and create space to accommodate Oshodi community which has been on Post Office borrow feeders since 2005.


Also addressing the angry customers, the IKEDC Business Manager, Fadeke Omorodion, appealed to them to be patient to see the process through and to constantly be in touch with Fabumi for update to suppress any form of agitations as the management worked on the approval.

Meanwhile, some of the customers who were business owners said they could not wait for too long any more, charging the management to hasten the process as they complained that their businesses were seriously affected.