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Cleric urges parents to inculcate values in children


Cleric urges parents to inculcate values in children

By Edith Igbkwe

A renowned Islamic scholar, Sheik Muyideen Ajani Bello, has blamed the high rate of social vices and crime committed by the youths in the society on complete lack of parental care in the homes which translate to adverse multiplier effect on the larger society.

Delivering lecture during the United Local Government Muslim Staff Association Annual Ramadan Lecture held at Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Secretariat, the Cleric noted that the parents have neglected their roles in the upbringing on their children, hence subjecting them to committing crimes.

Sheik Bello, who talked on the topic “Responsibilities of the Parents towards Their Children”, said the greater percentage of the decadence in the society is caused by the negligence of the parents, saying it all starts from home.


Quoting the Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammed (SAW), Sheik Bello said the prophet said “The best a father provides for his child is good manners and moral training,”

According to him, apart from the father, the mother has an important role to perform towards the upbringing of their offspring even during the pregnancy, saying the mother’s habits and behaviours affect virtuosity and attitude of the child.

He therefore appealed to parents to dedicate more time in guiding their offspring while insisting on teaching them the ways of Allah as the only way that could give them peace in this world and hereafter.

“Lucky is the one whose foundation of his virtue has been made in the womb of the mother and lucky is one whose wickedness had its ruminants in the mother’s womb as well.

“Many of us focus all our lives on business and money making than our children, take it or leave it every parent shall be responsible for their children misdeeds in the hereafter.


“I believe today’s lecture would be a turnover in our lives and life of our children to follow the path of Allah while appealing to children to listen to their parents and be rest assured that whatever they wanted shall be given to them if they follow Allah and Islam guidelines because the key to paradise lies with our parents.

“Your God has decreed that you shall worship only HIM and adopt good behaviour with your parents.”

The Council Chairman, Hon. Idris Bolaji Muse Ariyoh, who was the Chief Host, appreciated the Islamic scholar, praying Allah to grant him more wisdom with good health to continue to propagate Islam.