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CDC Chairman Calls for Peace, Serenity in Ejigbo Community.


Chairman of the CDC, Ejigbo, Chief Lamariyu Giwa has made the clarion call to the residents, particularly the youths of Ejigbo LCDA to shun violence and bad behaviours, urging them not to turn Ejigbo community to an unpleasant habitat for the people.
Speaking to ECHONEWS recently, Giwa said, the effort by the elders and governing body of the community, has yielded some results, disclosed that though the youths have been engaging themselves in activities that will bring development and growth to move Ejigbo forward.
He said there is room for improvement to really bolster tranquillity within the community. Beseeched the youths to shun kidnapping, cultism and every other nefarious activity which will not only hamper the flow of peace in Ejigbo but also endanger the lives of the youths for a better tomorrow.
“We all know that having peace is very important for our livelihood, and it cuts across maintain a peaceful environment is crucial. I think, can say that Ejigbo is relatively peaceful, but we can still make improvements on this” Giwa said.
Adding that several reports of youth unrest, series of groups indulging in cultism, kidnapping and other acts gives room for concern. “I advise them to desist from such acts, because it will only ruin their lives” he said.
Advising elders and mentors within the community to step up and tutor the youths, he said anyone who insist on treading the path of criminality or constituting disturbance within the community, should be reported to the Police. “Am sure by doing that, things will continue to improve because we want a peaceful environment in Ejigbo” he said.