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Castrol sensitises NATA on oil products usage


Castrol sensitises NATA on oil products usage

Bu Sunday Ogundiran

Castrol Oil PLC has sensitised members of National Automobile Technicians Association (NATA), Isolo branch, on how to use different oil products of the company at a seminar recently organised by the company.

Speaking on the product, the company’s ambassador Mr. Daniel Ejiofor, the facilitator of the seminar said the different products of the company have their different usages which the automobile technicians must be aware of before using them.


Ejiofor, who doubles as the Chairman of NATA, Ajao Estate Unit, said he has been properly trained on the use of the three products of the company, saying the products have also been properly certified by the appropriate bodies such as Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON).

He explained that they have equally set up a body to manage and control the affairs and standards of the oil produced by the company which technicians are to benefit from.

He said: “Different products of Castrol Oil Company such as Castrol GTX Essential has additives that make it form steel in engines; Castrol Magnetic is an intelligent molecular oil that form magnet in engines piston; Castrol Edge is another product that has titanium as one of its additives for fast pressure which enable cars to run at a fast pace of 10,000km before it is worn out of engine piston.”

He also analysed how the oil works in every automobile as push up.


“If five people should start a push up exercise and continue, those who step out at the startup are of less quality, the last man standing is of a first grade oil and the best like the adulterated castrol, magnetic and full synthetic oil for gear engines.”