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Bello anticipates better working environment, promises tight security in council secretariat 


By Felix Kuyinu

Bello addressing the workers during NULGE biennial @40 ceremony

The Local Council Secretariat in Ejigbo would undergo several positive changes as workers would have more benefits and more face lift exercise in the surroundings according to the council Chairman, Monsurudeen Oloyede Bello.

Bello made this known while addressing civil servants at the recently held NULGE 40th anniversary program held at the council Secretariat as he also promised to upgrade the security of the secretariat to prevent unnoticed assaults on the workers.

The council boss noted that the NULGE anniversary would have been celebrated in a bigger way had the council Secretariat been more befitting environment as he pledged that the subsequent ceremonies of the NULGE and other activities would be more glamorous.

He stated, “This anniversary program ought to have been celebrated outside the council so that people moving around will know that something is going on here. Events like this ought to be taken outside for people to know what is happening today

“But because the frontage is not upgraded yet, we have no other choice than to have it here, but we assure you here that this year and 2019, there will be notable changes here in the council.”

Bello said that one of the several stones to be turned in the council is security.

According to him, the council needs to have a security at the check point, saying this needed to be taken care of as part of the ways to put the activities in the council in a better position and also to check every visitor that comes into the secretariat to prevent any kind of assault on the staff members.

“We have noticed that sometimes, the council is filled with people entering without a real motive. Every de-canari make their way into the council Secretariat and that hasn’t given you and me the respect deserved.

“But by the grace of God, we are promising you that there will be changes in terms of security here in the council. We are going to change the face of this council by making perimeter fencing, a befitting one that will tell everyone the status of those working here. And when we do that, there will be a clear difference here in the council.

“Come 2019, we’ll operate a form of proper appearance to outsiders here. We want to know who is a member of ours and who is a visitor. We want to begin operating just as it is at the state level. In fact, I saw the happenings at the just concluded Lagos State Worker’s Day event at Agege, the next year’s edition here in Ejigbo council will meet up to that level.”

Bello however canvased for a better synergy in the council so as to make the promises to be actualized and even add more so as to create an effective workforce in the aim of providing dividends of democracy to the Ejigbo community.

He said that a good collaboration in the council would also go a long way in achieving such feats which will bring smiles to all.

The Chairman reserved praises to all who have contributed a quota towards what has been achieved so far. He concluded by urging for more to be done as there is always room for improvement.