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Akinloye Leads Efforts To Desilt Waste at Eredo









By Mohammed Adekola





The Chairman of Eredo Local Council Development Area (LCDA) Egnr. Monsuru Ismail Akinloye, has made cleanliness a fundamental part of community life.

Taking decisive action to address potential flooding risks, Akinloye has spearheaded efforts to desilt and remove waste across the five wards in Eredo.


By preventing the accumulation of debris and ensuring the free flow of waterways, Eredo LCDA Chairman aims to mitigate the risk of flooding, particularly during the rainy season.



Teams of dedicated workers have been deployed to various areas within the LCDA to carry out the desilting and waste removal operations. The concerted efforts of these teams have resulted in significant progress in maintaining cleanliness and preventing potential flooding incidents.


Akinloye says he remains committed to doing more to uphold cleanliness and environmental sustainability within the LCDA.


It is believed that the council chairman’s initiatives are poised to make a lasting impact on the health, safety, and well-being of residents, residents are encouraged to join in these efforts by making cleanliness a part o


f their daily lives.