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Akinbowale Commends Reconstruction of Ejigbo LCDA Secretariat


Kehinde Adeleye

The leader of the legislative arm of Ejigbo Local Council Developement Area, Mr. Olanrewaju Akinbowale has commended the ongoing renovation in the council secretariat giving credit to the quality of material used.

The Legislative Team paid a visit to the Permanent Council Secretariat which is currently undergoing a massive reconstruction with Mr. Akinbowale leading the team of local councillors.

On November 28, 2023, they made an oversight function visit to the project site. The visit gives the Legislative Team the chance to carry out checks and balances and make sure the project is being carried out properly because it is a constitutional duty.

When the Team visited the Council Secretariat, Council Engineer Builder Bankole Haruna showed them around and answered their questions in a way that made sense.


Following the round, the Council Leader expressed gratitude on behalf of the group for the high caliber of the work completed thus far and the materials employed.

In his words, “To a great extent, we are impressed with what we met on ground. The quality of materials used, the mixing ratio, the cement to sand, the quality of tiles, the architectural design, and the quality of the roofing sheets. And as we can see, everything is basically of good standard and we are impressed. ”

The Council Leader further appreciated the Chairman of the council for keeping to his promise of reconstructing and remodelling the Council Secretariat to a world class standard. Hence, successive Governments would not have any reason to worry about reconstructing the Secretariat.

Thr Council Secretariat currently being reconstructed has in it lots of offices for all necessary Public Officers and Agencies, the Legislative Building, Conference Hall, Multipurpose Hall, Marriage Registry, Mosque, Chapel, Canteen, Parking spaces, ELevator, e.t.c.

Akinbowale has however advised that for a project of this magnitude, the Council should invest in a full solar panel with inverter, instead of buying another generator. This would be easier to maintain and there would be less worry about the cost of diesel, thereby reducing the overhead cost of the Council. The existing generator can then be used as a backup.


The Oversight Function to the Permanent Secretariat, which is currently under reconstruction by the OBE-led administration, was carried out by: the Council Leader/ Councillor for Ilamoshe Ward – Olanrewaju Akinbowale; the Deputy Leader/ Councillor for Oke-Afa Ward – Omoniyi Ismail; the Majority Leader/ Councillor for Aigbaka Ward – Muritala Surajudeen; the Chief Whip/ Councillor for Ifoshi ward – Grace Nwakwo- Okere; the Deputy Majority Leader / Councillor for Fadu Ward- Shonde Tajudeen; the Deputy Chief Whip / Councillor for Ailegun Ward – Abdulfattah Shitta-Bey; the Council Engineer – Engr. Bankole Haruna; the Clerk of the House – Mr. Sholola Idowu; a recorder from the Office of the Clerk; a photographer and a reporter from the Public Affairs Unit; a staff of the Works and Housing Department; some Neighbourhood officers, e.t.c.