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Yoruba movie, T’Oluwa Nile, set to be retitled and adapted to stage


By Felix Kuyinu

A Lagos base movie cultural organization is set to to bring to stage a retitled ‘T’Oluwa N’ile’ classic movie to celebrate the evergreen movie as well as promoting African art and culture through the Nollywood industry.

T’Oluwa N’ile, written by legendary actor cum producer, Kareem Adepoju, popularly known as Baba Wande, was produced in the year 1987 and is now set to be on retitled ‘Asiyanbi’, executively produced by Oladotun Taylor and directed by Ropo Ewenla.

The groundbreaking is set to be the first film-scripted story on stage in Nollywood history in a move facilitated by the group, Aroba Groove Media Communications,

Ti Oluwa Nile, in it’s original version, tells the story of two individuals who conspire with a corrupt chief to illegally sell ancestral land to a petroleum company for personal gain. Their deceitful act, however, is met with a rambunctious resistant from the community and the intervention of the oracle, embodying the land’s sacred deities. As the true ownership of the land is revealed and consequences unfold, the chief finds himself entangled in a web of challenges that test his fate and traditional standing, leading to a climactic showdown that will determine his ultimate destiny, as directed by Nollywood tycoon, Tunde Kelani.

Ewenla, given the nod as the producer for the new project said, “I was a bit shocked when I was first contacted about the project, though I understand creativity is limitless, but this took me unaware, sincerely, and since we have been on it, it has really been an exciting experience with the level of creativity, quality of team, cast and crew put together by the producers.

” I can assure Nigerians and the world its Ti Oluwa Nile redefined. It’s an experience that I believe everyone must witness and as the inaugural director of such a project makes me proud,” said Ewenla.

Astonished by the stage adaptation, Baba Wande said, “this is a historic project even though I am the owner of the story, I must confess to you that I am more than grateful to be part of this project, if I am not mistaken and with my experience, this is the first time in this country that I am witnessing a story that has been adapted to a film being readapted to a stage play”, he reckons.

” I have not seen or heard it before in this sphere. I give progenitors and producers of this project kudos for their ingenuity. I am happy to be part of it in my lifetime, and I am fully in support.”

Aroba Groove’s visionary approach to reimagining this classic tale in a new artistic form underscores their commitment to fostering creativity, arts and cultural enrichment, setting the stage for an unforgettable theatrical journey that will captivate audiences far and wide.