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LASPOTECH Students Share Brewery Production Experience


By Nurudeen Adebayo 

In their curiosity to have first hand production experience, the students of Chemical Science at Lagos State Polytechnic visited brewery industry at Shagamu, Ogun State as part of their efforts to familiarise themselves with the production process.

During the facility your of the company, the students said they gained insights into the production processes of various products including Hero, Trophy, Eagle, Grand Malt, Beta Malt, Stout, and Castle Lager.

They said they also had the opportunity to witness the utilisation of raw materials such as rice, maize, sugar, yeast, and glucose in the production of the beverages.

Ojikutu Mariam, a Bio-Chemistry student, expressed her satisfaction with the visit, stating that it complemented her classroom learning and provided exposure to various techniques employed in the industry.


Grogia Ololade Ayomide mentioned that students were allowed to use some equipment and were thoroughly briefed on safety measures, including the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) like safety boots, glasses, and work caps while working in the industry.

The visit covered different departments of the brewery such as packaging, raw material section, recreation section, and addressed possible contamination issues that may occur during production.

Adebowale Halimah shared her newfound knowledge that breweries not only produce alcoholic drinks but also malt and other products from natural sources. She learned that most alcohols and malt are made from grains like maize and sodium.

In a conversation with Comrade Akinsanya Olamide Wareez, the President of Chemical Sciences Department, and Hon. Comrade Odu-Onikosi Abdullahi, Deputy Speaker of the Student Representative Council, both expressed their appreciation for the students’ efforts in organising the visit, describing it as an eye-opener for everyone involved.

The visit provided valuable educational experiences, correcting misconceptions and expanding students’ understanding of the brewing industry.