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Lagos Lawmaker Distributes Cows to Traditional Rulers in Alimosho


Kehinde Adeleye

The Member, Lagos State House of Assembly, representing Alimosho Constituency II, Mr. Kehinde Olaide Joseph, earlier today put the Monarchs in Alimosho Constituency II, in celebration mood for the Eid-ul-Kabir, giving them live cows to the admiration of their support to the government and the people.

In the Lawmaker’s message to the traditional rulers, he admonished them to emulate all the good virtues of Prophet Mohammed that include love for one another, sacrifice, peaceful co-existence with the people, and kindness among others.

In demonstrating his love, kind-hearted and all-inclusive gestures, the State Lawmaker presented live cows to the monarchs.

The Chairman, Public Account Committee (State) said the gift is a way of extending the government’s and Alimosho people’s warmest felicitations and goodwill to our Monarchs across the Constituency and for them to know that “his representation is an all inclusive one.”

“The Lawmaker very much appreciates the Monarchs across the Constituency for playing an inclusive and peaceful roles, seeing every of their people as a patriotic citizens of the Constituency, be Christians, Muslims or Traditional Worshippers, as one and should live in harmony, unity and be our brothers and sister’s keepers.

“Most importantly, the Lawmaker, feels that the monarchs should continuing to preach love, oneness to them bearing in mind that the trio religions have co-existed for a long time.

“Since the Muslims celebrate with Christians during the Christmas and Easter, it is equally right and proper that Christians should celebrate with them this time.”

The representative of the Monarchs on behalf of others, expressed gratitude to the people’s Lawmaker and described Hon Jospeh as “a man who has shown that he is detribalized and does not segregate.”

He prayed that Almighty Allah should make Hon Kehinde’s tenure one of the best in the Constituency.