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Victim baits robber with sex



A 21-year old man, Tosin Lamidi who was alleged to have burgled a woman’s apartment and carted away her laptop and phone, has been arrested after the victim, Gift Nseobong contacted him and offered sex to him in exchange for her SIM card in Lagos.

After the burglary which took place at N0 8 Mutiatu Okesalu Street, Ikotun, where Nseobong resides, Lamidi was arrested at Ikotun Roundabout where he arranged to meet Nseobong to take her to a hotel as they agreed.

Lamidi was then taken to the Police Division at Ikotun for theft and the matter was brought to the Ejigbo Magistrates court .

Nseobong told the court that after the incident, she bought a SIM card and tried the number of the stolen phone. Fortunately for her, Lamidi picked the call. She pleaded that Lamidi should help return the SIM because of the contact numbers which are very important to her every day business life with the promise of doing anything in return.


Lamidi then gave her condition which involved that he would sleep with her before he can release the SIM card to her and she agreed. They arranged to meet at Ikotun roundabout from where they will move to a hotel for a sex romp.

However, unknowing to Lamidi, Nseobong had already reported the happenings to the Police who showed up at the hotel and when Lamidi showed up at the Guest House, he was apprehended alongside Nseobong’s SIM and phone retrieved.

Lamidi was  later arraigned before the Ejigbo Magistrates court and sent to the prison custody in Kirikiri.