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Unbelievable! Apprentice sleeps with boss’ wife, steals his money


A case of theft and infidelity between a husband, wife and their apprentice has been reported at Ejigbo Police Division as the former claimed to have lost valuables ranging from money and belongings in the process.

The apprentice, simply identified as Emenike who worked under the husband, Ugochukwu, a trader at Ladipo Market, Mushin reportedly left his master’s home with goods worth thousands after he was caught sleeping with his master’s wife in Bucknor Estate, Ejigbo.

Reports has it that Ugochukwu married his wife, Ego some years ago and are blessed with three children.

However, events took a new twist in their marriage as Ugochukwu’s business expanded and he was faced with traveling schedules to other countries with the motive of importing spare parts into his portion at Ladipo Market.

Police sources said she allegedly turned to the apprentice for solace.


Both allegedly conspired to steal an undisclosed amount of money from Ugochukwu’s account.

The amorous relationship between Emenike and Ego was exposed to Ugochukwu by the neighbours.  He came back unannounced and met both Ego and Emenike having canal knowledge of each other. He later discovered that they had defrauded him and reported both offences to the police

The matter remained unresolved at the Ejigbo Police Division pending when Emenike would be arraigned for prosecution.