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Highrise buildings to dominate Oshodi-Isolo in new Master plan


Skyscrapers will take over the landscape of Oshodi-Isolo in the coming years to make way for housing needs of the people.

Reviewing the Oshodi-Isolo masterplan 2037 at a stakeholders’meeting in Oshodi, participants conceded that the urban sprawl of lower level buildings which currently makes the land use has left no other option but to build up.

Welcoming participants to the forum, the consultant for Oshodi Model City Plan and director of Vistaplan Consulting,  Dr. Abubakar Olaseni  said the the model city plan 2037 focusing on spatial development plan to determine future development and investment in Oshodi – Isolo over the next twenty (20) years.

He said similar meetings were held in Ejigbo and Isolo to get citizens’ opinions on the Secretariat met stake holders in Oshodi on the final leg of similar meetings in Ejigbo and Isolo .  The Consultant proposal of New Oshodi-Isolo Master plan seek for their opinions

The following are highlights of the view of the stake holders after watching the proposed plan by the consultant.
1. Stake holders pleaded with the consultant not to displaced the indigene during the building of structures.
2. Compensation should be adequately given to land and building owners that might be affected with the plan .
3. Traditional shrines should be considered and be factored in the new development .
4. Recreations centers was noticed to be missing in the designed and seek for it to be included.
5. Issues of securities was also pointed that in ad new setup like this security should be well factored into the design.
6. Electricity and water supply was another issues that was well deliberated to be incorporated in the designed and planed as new Oshodi – Isolo would be more of high rise buildings.
7.Youths, indigene and artisans should be considered to be employed or contracted during the life span of the project.


In response the consultant project Director Dr. Abubakar Mobolaji Olaseni applauded the stake holders for their time and contributions as regards the Oshodi-Isolo Model City plan 2037 as strategic spatial development plan which will guide future development and investment in Oshodi- Isolo over the next twenty years, he however assured the stake holders that their opinion and observations would be reincorporated into the plan and also advised that if there are more opinions this should be channel to their mini office outlet at the Local Govt .

Oshodi-Isolo Local Government Chairman was represented by the Vice Chairman Hon. Daisi Oso, Leader of Oshodi Legislature Hon. Rasheed Obasa, All councillors , Bale of Shogunle Alhaji Ajisegiri, Baale of Mafoluku Alhaji Shekoni, High Chief Ajanaku, CDC Chairman Alhaji Alamutu and other dignitaries was at the occasion.